FOX13: Mitt Romney is considered Utah’s favorite adopted son.

After rescuing the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics, Romney went on to be Governor of Massachusetts and run for President of the United States twice.

Now he’s back in Utah, running for the Senate seat Orrin Hatch will soon be vacating.

He sat down with Fox 13’s Bob Evans, who asked him three questions:

  1.   We’ve heard, and you’re saying on your website that you’re bringing Utah values to Washington.  We have had a Congressional delegation that has been doing that for years. What are you going to do differently than what has already been done for so long?
  2.   Assuming that you win the election, and win a seat in the U.S. Senate, could that be a springboard to running for President again?
  3.   How do you go from that mindset, and the personal emotional feelings of running for the highest office not in just the land, but entire world, for that matter. How do you go from that mindset to running for junior Senator from Utah?

See the video below for the extended interview with Mitt Romney:


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